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Junior Wrestling

Ages: 4-12

Junior Wrestling is a prep class to start engaging in local tournaments, prepare for State and National or just for FUN! We will train all the skills needed to win in every aspect. Once your skills advance, you can be moved up to the adult/high school and college prep wrestling class, which focuses more on advanced technique and conditioning.

Wrestling and Judo coincide with each other, although judo involves more of a jiu jitsu style, the two sports compliment each other. For this reason, we recommend participating in both Judo and Wrestling because it will improve your main focus for sport, or improve just your self defense skills if that is what you were looking for!

kids judo

Junior Kids Judo

Ages: 4-12

For students that are 4 to 12 years of age, the class focuses primarily on developing the most fundamental skills that young students require to effectively learn Judo. This is a fun-filled class designed to teach the kids through games and quick-changing drills.

Part of our curriculum is the ongoing review and development of life skills such as:

• Positive mental attitude  •  High goal-setting
• Perseverance  •  Self-control  •  Confidence

As students progress with these life skills and our curriculum they will get the ability to enter tournaments and competitions!